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Apron Flings grew out of the work of The Linen House, a luxury linen rental company based in Houston. With ready access to the world's finest fabrics, Jan Cancila set out to apply her passion for design and entertaining to a new product.  The result was Apron Flings hostesss aprons. We have dozens of styles but we're always designing something new as fabulous new fabrics are discovered. A few of our best selling aprons are pictured below. 

The Apron Flings names was coined as a play on the common term, apron strings, meaning drawn to one's home and family. By substituting the word flings, we emphasize the irresistible love affair our customers have with our flirty, floucy, fun hostess aprons: Apron Flings

Watch the video below to start your own little love affair with our flirty, flouncy, fun Apron Flings hostesss aprons! 

Apron Flings Logo
To order, click on the picture above to open the ApronFlings.com website in a new window
Names of Apron Flings Organza Over Satin Hostess Aprons:
1     Call of the Wild
2     Pink Swirl    
3     Just Dottie
4     America the Beautiful
5     Baroness
6     Ice Princess
7     Sunset Serenade
8     Strawberry Fields Forever
9     Golden Eyelash 

Apron Flings is always looking for upscale retailers to showcase our beautiful aprons. If you are the owner or manager of a retail store or boutique we would love to hear from you. Just fill out the 'Contact Us' form and we will be in touch with you promptly. For immediate or more detailed information, visit the Apron Flings website at www.ApronFlings.com.


Apron Flings is proud to have been featured in the May/June 2011 issue of Prime Living Magazine.  Click on the picture of the magazine cover at left then go to page 13 to read the article. Prime Living Magazine won the 2011 Best Niche Lifestyle Magazine Award at the 2011 Niche Conference. Prime Living Magazine highlights Houston luxury lifestyle products and services.

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