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A Do It Yourself Estimator for Wholesale Linen Purchases

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Click on the LINK BELOW and start your own Quick Quote

CLICK HERE to create your own QUICK QUOTE

Click on the link above to download the QUICK QUOTE wholesale linen purchase calculator.  You must have MS Excel to operate Quick Quote.  
Answer 7 easy questions and you will have a complete 1 page, linen package quote.  Change the fabrics or quantities and the prices change right before your eyes.  You may be prompted to 'Enable Editing' before you start.
Use Quick Quote to develop your linen wholesale budget. Then call to get color swatches by mail to make your selections. Please note, prices are subject to change without notice , so please check with us before generating your final purchase order. 
Current version of Quick Quote is 2.03a.  Make sure your purchase order reflects pricing and terms from the most current version. Thank you!

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